Prevail Breezers 360 Disposable Diapers


Similar to Depends, Prevail Breezers 360 Adult Diapers with superior wetness absorbency. Designed for secure fit and super absorbent protection.

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Prevail Breezers 360 Disposable Diaper Briefs Next Generation Brief (NGB) with Microclimate Care is a revolutionary adult incontinence product that recognizes the importance of creating a favorable microclimate. By using a combination of advanced performance features the Prevail® NGB™ more effectively reduces moisture/humidity from the skin surface while also helping to maintain normal skin temperatures. Other adult incontinence products may claim dryness and breathability but the Prevail® NGB™ with Microclimate Care uses advanced materials and engineering innovation to achieve superior dryness and breathability with overall better clinical

360° Breathable Zones™ – ventilated areas around the entire brief helps circulate air, allowing heat and moisture to be pulled away from the skin. Breathability helps maintain skin temperature and reduce perspiration and moisture. 360° Breathable Zones™ help reduce temperature & moisture.

Doublesorb™ Layers – dual core system with a lower storage core that locks up moisture and keeps it away from the skin. Doublesorb™ Layers help reduce moisture.

QUICK WICK® with MaxSoft™ – combines superior softness with first-class acquisition speed to pull moisture away from the skin faster. QUICK WICK® with MaxSoft™ Layer & dimple technology help reduce moisture.

Product Size and Packaging:

Size 1 – 26″ – 48″ waist, 6 bags of 16 (96 diapers per case)
Size 2 – 45″ – 62″ waist, 4 bags of 18 (72 diapers per case)
Size 3 – 58″ – 70″ waist, 4 bags of 15 (60 diapers per case)

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Size 1 (26"-48" in.), Size 2 (45"-62" in.), Size 3 (58"-70" in.)

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Bag of 15 each, Bag of 16 each, Bag of 18 each, Case of 60 (4 Bags/15), Case of 72 (4 Bags/18), Case of 96 (6 Bags/16)


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