About Us

About Us

Overall, our business can be characterized as a one-stop shop for adult diapers, incontinence care products, and other top-quality healthcare related items offering convenience, savings, dignity and reliable service to our customers.

For years, people have been inconvenienced, embarrassed and frustrated with buying incontinent care products retail. Many individuals that live in rural areas have to travel 30 minutes or more to get to the local store only to find that the product and or size that they need is not available. Others have to face possible embarrassment and inconvenience associated with buying adult diapers and like products in grocery stores or other retail outlets.

Many people purchasing these products are incontinent themselves and have difficulty getting to the store. Others are caring for a family member in need and are having a hard enough time trying to manage their own lives, not to mention the added costs, inconveniences and time associated with buying bulky, and heavy, incontinence products retail. It is for these and other reasons that we have created our business and with which we have based our mission.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our valued customers with direct access to quality incontinence care products, and related home care supplies.

With our fast 1-2 day discreet home delivery,  we strive to simplify and improve the quality of life for patients, their families, and caregivers.

We do it because we care!

Our Vision

To be the primary supplier of incontinence a related healthcare supplies direct to the consumer and caregivers. To provide a enjoyable and rewarding website experience backed with unparalleled quality, service, and support. The customer is our number one focus.

Paragon Solutions US, Inc. will only partner with those manufacturers and companies that have proven themselves in the areas of product quality, customer support, clinical effectiveness and a willingness to give something back to the community. Our intent is to service our existing customers and to consistently work to earn the business of new customers. We will accomplish this by providing high-quality products, reliable customer support and new product additions designed to improve the quality of life, all while maintaining a strong work ethic.