Disposable Diapers or Washable Diapers? Which is better?

Disposable Diapers or Washable Diapers? Which is better?

Over the years there has been much debate over which is better, Disposable Diapers or Washable Diapers?

Coming from someone who started out as a wound care specialist 20 + years ago and a professional with over 18+ years of incontinence product experience, the answer is simple.  In my opinion, disposable diapers are a better choice than washable diapers for managing incontinence.

Let’s take a look at some of the pro’s and con’s of each.

First, some will argue that reusable, washable, cloth diapers are better for the environment because they do not clog the landfills and we use less of them.  Maybe, maybe not.  Have you ever seen the amount of slug water waste as well as the amount of electricity needed to wash these types of products in big industrial washing machines?

Cloth diapers do not contain SAP and are not a pH neutralizer.  For this reason these are not recommended.  Unless the user is able to change themselves the minute they void, they will run the risk of skin damage and possible breakdown.

Most important, disposable diapers contain SAP or “Super Absorbent Polymer”.  These are the tiny crystals that gel when they become wet.  They will absorb 3oo times their weight in fluid and will work to keep the user dry.  The SAP is also extremely alkaline in pH and will work to neutralize the acidity found in urine and fecal material which will prevent urine burns, diaper rash and potential skin damage.

In conclusion, disposable diapers and washable diapers each have their own effects on the environment and can be debatable which better or worse.  That said, when it comes to incontinence protection and performance, disposable diapers are the method of choice for ease of use, convenience, skin protection and overall product performance.

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